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Royal Hungarian Honvéd
2nd Motorized Brigade
   from 11.1938: Kassa;
   from 03.1939: Munkács (Mobile Corps)
   Constituted:       01.02.1938    as 2nd Mobile Brigade
   Redesignated:    01.10.1938    in 2nd Motorized Brigade
   Activated:    05.04.1941     
   Inactivated:    20.04.1941     
   Activated:    27.06.1941     
   Inactivated:    01.12.1941     
   Discontinued:    01.12.1941    Dissolved [1]
Commanding Officers:
   01.02.1938–15.01.1939    BG Ödön Zay
   15.01.1939–01.03.1940    COL Sándor Horváth
   01.03.1940–29.10.1940    BG József Heszlényi
   29.10.1940–01.08.1941    BG János Vörös
   01.08.1941–01.10.1941    COL Ferenc Bisza
Administrative Subordination:
   01.04.1937–01.03.1940    HM (peace time garrisons)
   01.03.1940–05.04.1941    Mobile Corps, VKF (peace time garrisons)
   05.04.1941–20.04.1941    Mobile Corps, Third Army
   20.04.1941–27.06.1941    Mobile Corps, VKF (peace time garrisons)
   27.06.1941–09.07.1941    Mobile Corps, Carpathian Army Group
   09.07.1941–15.11.1941    Mobile Corps
   15.11.1941–01.12.1941    Mobile Corps, Returned to Hungary
Tactical Subordination:
   09.07.1941–12.08.1941    Gruppe Kempf, 17. Armee, Heeresgruppe Süd
   12.08.1941–21.08.1941    XXXXVIII. Armeekorps (mot), 1. Panzergruppe, Heeresgruppe Süd
   21.08.1941–12.09.1941    Gruppe Kempf, 1. Panzergruppe, Heeresgruppe Süd
   12.09.1941–22.09.1941    z.Vfg., Heeresgruppe Süd
   22.09.1941–08.10.1941    Gruppe von Roquese, Heeresgruppe Süd
   08.10.1941–12.10.1941    z.Vfg., Heeresgruppe Süd
   12.10.1941–15.11.1941    z.Vfg., 17. Armee, Heeresgruppe Süd
Peace Time Organization to 1941:
   2nd Motorized Brigade Headquarters
   Artillery Commander
   2nd Motorized Regiment Headquarters
     • 4th Motorized Battalion
     • 5th Motorized Battalion
     • 6th Motorized Battalion
   11th Bicycle Battalion
   12th Bicycle Battalion
   2nd Armored Reconnaissance Battalion
   2nd Artillery Battalion (mot)
   2nd Combat Engineer Company (mot)
   2nd Bridge Column (mot)
   2nd Signal Company (mot)
   2nd Traffic Control Company (mot)
   2nd Motorized Brigade Service Headquarters
[1] Upon its arrival back in Hungary from the East Front, the combat and support units of the 2nd Motorized Brigade were transferred to the 2nd Armored Division.
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