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Royal Hungarian Honvéd
2nd Mountain Replacement Brigade
   Munkács (VIII Corps)
   Constituted:       01.05.1944     
   Mobilized:    26.08.1944     
   Discontinued:    07.11.1944    Dissolved [1]
Commanding Officers:
   10.08.1943–07.11.1944    ?
Administrative Subordination:
   01.05.1944–26.08.1944    Field Replacement Army
   26.08.1944–02.09.1944    VKF
   02.09.1944–05.10.1944    Reserves, Second Army
   05.10.1944–07.11.1944    Finta Group, SecondArmy
Tactical Subordination:
   22.09.1944–05.10.1944    III. Panzerkorps, 6. Armee
Mobilized Organization:
   2nd Mountain Replacement Brigade Headquarters
   1st Replacement Mountain Infantry Battalion
   10th Replacement Mountain Infantry Battalion
   11th Replacement Mountain Infantry Battalion
   13th Replacement Mountain Infantry Battalion
   16th Replacement Border Guard Battalion
   2nd Replacement Mountain Artillery Battalion
   2nd Replacement Mountain Engineer Company
   2nd Replacement Mountain Mixed Signal Company
   2nd Replacement Mountain Supply Services Company
[1] The 2nd Mountain Replacement Brigade was dissolved in November 1944, after its remnants had been transferred to the 2nd Mountain Brigade.
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