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Royal Hungarian Honvéd
IV Corps
4th Military District
   Deputy Corps Commander
     00.08.194000.10.1940    BG Gyözö Materna
     00.05.194200.10.1942    BG Jenö Felkl
     01.11.194215.11.1942    BG Kálmán Csiby
     15.11.194201.06.1943    BG Dr. Béla Remesy
     01.07.194415.09.1944    BG Dr. Béla Remesy
     00.09.194400.11.1944    BG László Molnár
     15.11.194400.00.1945    MG Imre Kálmán
   Constituted:    01.04.2028    as 4th Military District
   Redesignated:    01.10.1938    as IV Corps, by amalgamating the 4th Mixed Brigade and 4th Military District
   Activated:    05.04.1941    (Corps Headquarters only)
   Inactivated:    17.04.1941    (Corps Headquarters only)
   Activated:    10.04.1942    (Corps Headquarters only)
   Disbanded:    01.02.1943    (Corps Headquarters only)
   Activated:    01.05.1943    (Corps Headquarters only)
   Mobilized:    04.08.1944    (Corps Headquarters only)
   Discontinued:    19.09.1944    (Corps Headquarters only)
   Discontinued:    1945    Military District dissolved
Commanding Officers:
   01.04.192801.09.1931    MG József Koszmovszky
   01.09.193101.12.1935    MG Henrik Werth
   01.12.193501.02.1938    MG László Falta
   01.02.193801.02.1940    MG Jenö Ruszkay
   01.02.194001.08.1941    MG László Horváth
   01.08.194103.12.1942    MG Lajos Csatay
   03.12.194210.09.1944    MG Jozséf Heszlényi
   01.04.192801.03.1940    HM (peace time garrison)
   01.03.194005.04.1941    VKF (peace time garrison)
   03.04.194117.04.1941    Third Army
   17.04.194110.04.1942    VKF (peace time garrison)
   10.04.194230.04.1942    Second Army, Heeresgruppe Süd
   30.04.194207.07.1942    Heeresgruppe Süd
   07.07.194209.07.1942    Heeresgruppe B
   09.07.194200.05.1943    Second Army, Heeresgruppe B
   00.05.194304.08.1944    VKF (Peace time garrison)
   04.08.194416.09.1944    Third Army, VKF
   16.09.194419.09.1944    Third Army, VKF (being dissolved)
Peace Time Organization to 1943:
   Corps Headquarters
   Corps Troops:

   IV Corps Artillery Command
   IV Bicycle Battalion (Foreseen, but not raised)
   IV Heavy Artillery Battalion (mot)
   IV Artillery Observation Battery
   IV Anti-Aircraft Battalion (mot)
   IV Signal Battalion
   IV Combat Engineer Battalion
   IV Corps Supply Services Headquarters
Peace Time Organization from 1943:
   Corps Headquarters
   Attached units:

   IV Corps Supply Services Headquarters
   IV Corps Motorized Supply Services Headquarters
   IV Artillery Command
   IV Labor Forces Command
   IV independent Anti-Aircraft Company (mot)
   IV independent Heavy Artillery Battery (mot)
   54th independent Combat Engineer Battalion
Border Defense Units:
   54th Border Police Battalion
     1/54 Border Police Company (4 Patrols)
     2/54 Border Police Company (9 Patrols)
     3/54 Border Police Company (11 Patrols)
After destruction on the East Front the IV Corps Headquarters was returned to Hungary and disbanded there. However, the 4th Military District continued to exist.
The IV Bicycle Battalion was foreseen, but never raised.
On 19.09.44, the staff personnel of the Corps Headquarters was used to form the Third Army.
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