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Royal Hungarian Honvéd
VIII Corps / II Reserve Corps
8th Military District
   Deputy Corps Commander
     00.08.194000.10.1940    BG Iván Szilassy
     01.06.194210.08.1943    BG Imre Széchy
     10.08.194304.03.1945    BG Béla Tanitó
   Constituted:       15.01.1939    New, as VIII Corps with an 8th Military District
   Activated:    21.06.1941     
   Redesignated:    22.06.1941    as the Carpathian Army Group
   Redesignated:    09.07.1941    as the VIII Corps (see notes below)
   Disbanded:    06.10.1941    Raises Hungarian Occupation Command (see notes below)
   Activated:    01.05.1943    On the East Front (see notes below)
   Disbanded:    05.04.1944   
   Activated:    01.05.1944    as II Reserve Corps on the East Front.
   Redesignated:    22.09.1944    as VIII Corps on the East Front
   Discontinued:    00.05.1945    dissolved
Commanding Officers:
   15.01.193901.08.1941    MG Ferenc Szombathelyi
   01.08.194101.05.1943    MG Géza Lakatos
   01.05.194305.04.1944    MG Dezsö László
   05.04.194418.07.1944    BG Jénö Bor
   18.07.194420.08.1944    MG Antal Vattay
   20.08.194401.12.1944    MG Belá Lengyel
   09.12.194400.05.1945    MG Dr. Gyula Hankovszky
   01.02.193901.03.1940    HM (peace time garriosn)
   01.03.194022.06.1941    VKF (peace time garrison)
   22.06.194109.07.1941    17. Armee, Heeresgruppe Süd
   09.07.194101.11.1941    Befh. HG Süd
   01.11.194118.05.1943    VKF (peace time garrison)
   18.05.194307.07.1943    H.O.F.C., Befh. HG Süd
   07.07.194315.08.1943    H.O.F.C., Befh. HG Mitte
   15.08.194308.10.1943    Second Army, Befh. HG Mitte
   08.10.194301.04.1944    Second Army, Befh. Weissrethenien
   01.04.194405.04.1944    en-route to Hungary
   05.04.194401.05.1944    VKF (peace time garrison)
   01.05.194405.05.1944    Befh. Weissruthenien, WB Ostland
   05.05.194415.05.1944    Befh. Weissruthenien, Befh. HG Mitte
   15.05.194427.07.1944    2. Armee, Heeresgruppe Mitte
   27.07.194429.09.1944    9. Armee, Heeresgruppe Mitte
   29.09.194412.10.1944    En-route to back to Hungary
   12.10.194428.10.1944    Third Army, Heeresgruppe Süd
   28.10.194423.12.1944    Third Army, Armeegruppe Fretter-Pico
   23.12.194419.03.1945    Third Army, Armeegruppe Balck
   19.03.194500.04.1945    Third Army, Heersgruppe Süd
Peace Time Organization to 1943:
   Corps Headquarters
   Corps Troops:

   VIII Corps Artillery Command
   VIII Bicycle Battalion
   VIII Heavy Artillery Battalion (mot)
   VIII Artillery Observation Battery
   VIII Anti-Aircraft Battalion (mot)
   VIII Signal Battalion
   VIII Combat Engineer Battalion
   VIII Corps Supply Services
Peace Time Organization from 1943:
   Corps Headquarters
   Attached units:

   VIII Corps Supply Services Headquarters
   VIII Corps Motorized Supply Services Headquarters
   VIII Artillery Command
   VIII Signal Command
   VIII Labor Services Command
   VIII independent Anti-Aircraft Company (mot)
   VIII independent Heavy Artillery Battery (mot)
   58th independent Combat Engineer Battalion
Border Defense Units:
   58th Border Police Battalion
     1/58 Border Police Company (9 Patrols)
     2/58 Border Police Company (14 Patrols)

The VIII Corps Headquarters was designated as the Carpathian Army Group from 22.06.41 to 09.07.44.
Raised the Hungarian Occupation Command on 06.10.1941 and returned to Hungary.
Activated on 01.05.1943 on the East Front as a reduced-strength corps command echelon for the occupation forces west of the Dnieper River, relieving the Hungarian Occupation Group East. During the winter of 1943/1944 it was rebuilt to full corps headquarters strength.
The Corps Headquarters raised the Hungarian Occupation Group on 01.04.44, and was transferred back to Hungary, where it was disbanded on 05.04.44.
It was again activated on 01.05.44 as the II Reserve Corps Headquarters at the East Front. The position of Commanding General, VIII Corps was not filled until 29.09.44. The 8th Military District continued to exist in Hungary.
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