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Royal Hungarian Honvéd
IX Corps
   Constituted:       04.09.1940    New, as IX Corps with a 9th Military District
   Activated:    06.01.1944     
   Mobilized:    06.03.1944     
   Disbanded:    28.08.1944    See note [1]
   Constituted:    01.09.1944    See note [2]
   Discontinued:    00.05.1945    dissolved
Commanding Officers:
   01.02.194214.10.1942    MG Béla Miklós
   15.09.194228.08.1944    MG Lajos Veress
   [28.08.194401.09.1944]    position not filled
   01.09.194400.11.1944    BG Gyula Kovács
   00.11.194400.05.1945    BG Frigyes Vasváry
   01.12.194015.04.1944    VKF (peace time garriosn)
   15.04.194421.07.1944    First Army, Heeresgruppe Nordukraine
   21.07.194405.09.1944    First Army, Armeegruppe Raus
   05.09.194416.09.1944    Second Army, Heeresgruppe Südukraine
   16.09.194423.09.1944    Reserves, 8. Armee, Heeresgruppe Südukraine
   23.09.194403.10.1944    Reserves, 8. Armee, Heeresgruppe Süd
   03.10.194418.10.1944    Second Army, Armeegruppe Wöhler
   17.10.194400.04.1945    8. Armee, Heeresgruppe Süd
   00.04.194500.05.1945    8. Armee, Heeresgruppe Ostmark
Peace Time Organization to 1943:
   Corps Headquarters
   Corps Troops:

   IX Corps Artillery Command
   IX Bicycle Battalion
   IX Heavy Artillery Battalion (mot)
   IX Artillery Observation Battery
   IX Anti-Aircraft Battalion (mot)
   IX Signal Battalion
   IX Combat Engineer Battalion
   IX Corps Supply Services
   (Kolozsvár/ Szamosvjár)
Peace Time Organization from 1943:
   Corps Headquarters
   Attached units:

   IX Corps Supply Services Headquarters
   IX Corps Motorized Supply Services Headquarters
   IX Artillery Command
   IX Signal Command
   X Labor Services Command
   XII Labor Services Command
   XIII Labor Services Command
   IX independent Anti-Aircraft Company (mot)
   IX independent Heavy Artillery Battery (mot)
   59th independent Combat Engineer Battalion
   (Kolozsvár / Szászfenes)
   ( ? )
   ( ? )
   ( ? )
Border Defense Units:
Székler Command (see there)
  60th Border Police Battalion
     1/60 Border Police Company (8 Patrols)
     2/60 Border Police Company (8 Patrols)
     3/60 Border Police Company (4 Patrols)

   61st Border Police Battalion
     1/61 Border Police Company (6 Patrols)
     2/61 Border Police Company (6 Patrols)

[1] The IX Corps Headquarters used to raise the Second Army Headquarters.
[2] Personnel of the 9th Military District Headquarters were used to raise a new IX Corps Headquarters.
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