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Royal Hungarian Honvéd
3rd Infantry Brigade
   Budapest (I Corps)
   Constituted:       23.01.1939    as 3rd Infantry Brigade. [From the 3/1 Infantry Commander, 1st Mixed Brigade]
   Discontinued :    01.08.1941    Removed from the peace time order of battle.
   Some elements transferred to the IX Corps in Siebenburgen. Other elements transferred to the Mobile Corps.
Commanding Officers:
   23.01.193901.03.1940    BG Géza Laktos
   01.03.194001.08.1941    BG Károly Osskó
Administrative Subordination:
   23.01.193901.03.1940    HM (peace time garrisons)
   01.03.194001.08.1941    VKF (peace time garrisons)
Peace Time Organization to 1941:
   3rd Brigade Headquarters
   Infantry Commander
   Artillery Commander
   15th Infantry Regiment Headquarters
     I./15th Infantry Regiment
     II./15th Infantry Regiment
     III./15th Infantry Regiment
   45th Infantry Regiment
   I./3rd Artillery Regiment
   II./3rd Artillery Regiment
   3rd Cavalry Company
   3rd Anti-Aircraft Company
   3rd Signal Company
   3rd Divisional Service Headquarters
   (Mobilization Unit)
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