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Royal Hungarian Honvéd
26th Infantry Brigade
   Kolozvár (IX Corps)
   Constituted:       15.09.1940    as 26th Infantry Brigade. [New]
   Redesignated:    17.02.1942    as 26th Light Division
   Disbanded:    10.08.1943    Dissolved [1]
   Discontinued:    01.03.1944     
Commanding Officers:
   15.09.194001.08.1941    BG Béla Marschalkó
   01.08.194101.04.1942    COL Dr. Kálmán Hardy
   01.04.194210.08.1943    BG János Mindszenty
Administrative Subordination:
   15.09.194010.08.1943    VKF (peace time garrisons)
Peace Time Organization to 1943:
   26th Brigade / Light Division Headquarters
   Artillery Commander
   26th Infantry Regiment
     I./26th Infantry Regiment
     II./26th Infantry Regiment
     III./26th Infantry Regiment
   56th Infantry Regiment (I. III.)
   I./26 Artillery Regiment
   II./26 Artillery Regiment
   26th Cavalry Company [2]
   26th Anti-Aircraft Company
   26th Signal Company
   26th Divisional Service Headquarters
   (Mobilization Unit)
[1] As foreseen by the 01.10.1943 Szabolcs Plan, the peace time organization, personnel although without equipment for the 26th Reserve Division were prepared in case of mobilization. However, as this equipment was never forthcoming, and the 26th Division (the second wave of the IX Corps) was consequently never raised. The personnel was used to fill up other units of the IX Corps, and the division was finally dissolved in March 1944.
[2] The 26th Cavalry Company only as of 01.10.1942.
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