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Royal Hungarian Honvéd
201st Light Division
   (Ad-hoc unit. No peace time Headquarters, Corps, or Military District assigned)
   Constituted:       05.11.1942    as Headquarters, 201st Light Division [improvised] in Budapest [1]
   Activated:    05.11.1942    Headquarters with a reduced-strength staff, plus some service units for the occupation forces
   Discontinued:    26.05.1944    Dissolved [2]
Commanding Officers:
   05.11.194201.07.1943    BG Gyorgy Vukováry
   01.07.194300.01.1944    COL László Miskey
   00.01.194426.05.1944    BG József Kisfaludy
Administrative Subordination:
   05.11.194215.12.1942    (Headquarters only) being activated
   15.12.194331.12.1942    (Headquarters only) en-route to East Front
   01.01.194317.02.1943    (Headquarters only) H.O.G. East
   17.02.194301.05.1943    (Headquarters only) H.O.G. East, Second Army
   01.05.194315.08.1943    (Headquarters only) VII Corps, H.O.F.C.
   15.08.194301.04.1944    (Headquarters only) VII Corps, Second Army
   01.04.194415.04.1944    (Headquarters only) VII Corps, First Army
   15.04.194410.06.1944    (Headquarters only) Reserves, First Army
Tactical Subordination:
   01.01.194301.05.1943    (Headquarters only) WB Ukraine
   01.05.194307.07.1943    (Headquarters only) Befh. HG Süd
   07.07.194308.10.1943    (Headquarters only) Befh. HG Süd
   08.10.194301.04.1944    (Headquarters only) Befh. Weissruthenien
Mobilized Combat Organization 31.12.1942:
   201st Light Division Headquarters
   Headquarters 54th Infantry Regiment with I./31, II./42, I./52
   Headquarters 251st Inf. Rgt. with I./44, 42 March, 44 March Bn.
   24th Anti-Aircraft Company
   16th Signal Company
[1] The Headquarters, 201st Division, was an ad-hoc formation, not featured in the peace time order of battle. It was raised to command further occupation forces being sent to the East Front in late 1942.
[2] When the Headquarters, 201st Division was finally dissolved, most of the units under its command including the 41st Inf. Rgt. were amalgamated into the 18th Reserve Division. The 42nd Inf. Rgt. was turned over to the 23rd Reserve Division.
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