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Royal Hungarian Honvd
1st Armored Field Division
Ready Tank Strengths:
   14Pz-IV(kz), 4Pz-IV(lg), 84 Pz38(t), 5Pz-II.
   12Pz-IV(kz), 10Pz-IV(lg), 45Pz-38(t), 8Pz-II.
   9Pz-III, 8Pz-IV(kz), 8Pz-IV(lg), 41Pz-38(t).
   9Pz-III, 8Pz-IV(kz), 8Pz-IV(lg), 40Pz-38(t), 21 StuG.
   Constituted:       24.03.1942    as 1st Armored Field Division. [1]
   Mobilized:    09.05.1942     
   Discontinued:    01.04.1943    Dissolved [2]
Commanding Officers:
   15.04.194201.10.1942    MG Lajos Veress
   01.10.194206.12.1942    COL Elemr Sska
   06.12.194200.04.1943    BG Ferenc Horvth
Administrative Subordination:
   24.03.194209.05.1942    Being activated, VKF
   09.05.194215.06.1942    en-route East Front
   15.06.194224.06.1942    Reserves, Second Army
   24.06.194204.07.1942    IV Corps, Second Army
   04.07.194221.02.1943    Reserves, Second Army
   21.02.194301.04.1943    Returned to Hungary
Tactical Subordination:
   04.07.194204.08.1942    Gruppe von Weichs, Heeresgruppe B
   04.08.194220.08.1942    z.Vfg., Heeresgruppe B
   02.09.194218.10.1942    XXIV. Panzerkorps, Heeresgruppe B
   12.01.194311.02.1943    Korps Cramer, Heeresgruppe B
Mobilized Organization on 01.06.1942
   1st Armored Division Headquarters
   Artillery Commander
   30th Tank Regiment Headquarters
     30/I Tank Battalion
     30/II Tank Battalion
   1st Motorized Regiment Headquarters
     1st Motorized Battalion
     2nd Motorized Battalion
     3rd Motorized Battalion
   1st Armored Reconnaissance Battalion
   1st Artillery Battalion (mot)
   5th Artillery Battalion (mot)
   IInd Antiaircraft-Battalion (mot)
   51st Antiaircraft-Battalion (self-propelled)
   1st Signal Battalion (mot)
   1st Combat Engineer Battalion (mot)
   1st Armored Dvision Service Headquarters (mot)
[1] The 1st Field Armored Division was an ad-hoc formation, created especially for the 1942 Russian Campaign. It was not part of the standard peace pime order of battle.
[2] The remaining elements were returned to Hungary from the East Front and dissolved in April 1943.
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