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British, Colonial, and Dominion Armies
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Order of Battle
British Army
Headquarters, Bermuda

3 September 1939
British Colony of Bermuda
Headquarters: Hamilton, Bermuda
GOVERNOR AND COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF GEN   Sir Reginarld John Thoroton Hildyard
    Personal Appointment
        Aide-de-Camp CPT  J.B.E.H. Radcliffe
    Officer Commanding the Troops BG  R. Swire (is also Commander, Royal Engineers)
    Brigade Major MAJ  D.R.G. Cameron
    Commander, Royal Engineers BG  R. Swire (see above)
    Officer Commanding Royal Army Service Corps MAJ  C.G. Edwards
    Senior Medical Officer MAJ  J.E. Brooks
    Dep. Asst. Dir. of Ordnance Services MAJ  B.D. Jones (also O.C. R.A.O.C.)
    Command Paymaster MAJ  H.H. Cottier
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