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British, Colonial, and Dominion Armies
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Headquarters, East Anglia Area, Eastern Command
3 September 1939
East Anglia Area
Headquarters: The Barracks, Herford
Comprising the Counties Cambrigdeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Middlesex, Herfordshire, and Bedfordshire, less the following: (I) Colchester. (II) Purfleet and Rainham Rifle Ranges, and (when occupied by Foot Guards) the Guards' Barracks at Warley, which are under the London Area. (III) That portion of Essex in the Chatham Area from Grays Thurrock Station along main road to Stanford-le-Hope thence north side of railway via South Benfleet to Southend borough boundary thence a line drawn north-east to Lower Edward's Hall thence road Eastwood to Harp House thence a line south-east to Southchurch Lawn thence a line due north to River Roach thence along south bank of River Roach and south bank of River Crouch to Foulness Point
    Staff Captain CPT  J.H. Goolden
    Dep. Asst. Adjt. & Qr.-Mr.-Gen. MAJ  J. Bury
    Passive Air Defence Officer MAJ  W.H. Braddell
    Retired Officer 1LT  C. Urwick
At Outstations:
        Asst. Dir. of Medical Services COL   A.L. Stevenson
        Dep. Asst. Dir. of Hygiene MAJ  W.B.F. Orr
        Dep. Asst. Dir. of Pathology MAJ  A.J. Beveridge
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