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British, Colonial, and Dominion Armies
With thanks to David A. Ryan, Graham Watson, and Robert Michel
Headquarters, South Western Area, Southern Command
3 September 1939
South Western Area
Headquarters: Devonport
Comprising the Countries of Somersetshire, Devonshire, and Cornwall.
    General Staff Officer, 2nd grade COL   F.W. Wilson-Fitzgerald
    General Staff Officer, 3rd grade CPT  J.H.F. Moat
    Dep. Asst. Adjt. & Qr.-Mr.-Gen. MAJ  T.A. Martin
    Staff Captain CPT  R.H. Oulton
    Passive Air Defence Officer CPT  G.C. Davison
At Outstations:
        Asst. Dir. of Medical Services COL   T.C.R. Archer
        Dep. Asst. Dir. of Hygiene MAJ  A.E. Campbell
        Special Appointment 1LT  H. Brown
        Garrison Adjutant ?
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