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British, Colonial, and Dominion Armies
Army Tank Brigade
3 September 1939
Army Tank Brigade
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Army Tank Brigades on 03.09.39
  Brigade   Regiments *
  1 Army Tank
  COL  J.L.A. Caunter [1]
    Hqs: Aldershot [Aldershot Command]
    Regular Brigade
  4 RTR
  7 RTR
  8 RTR
  21 Army Tank
  BG  G.P.L. Drake-Brockman
    Hqs: Chipperfield [Home Counties Area, Eastern Command]
    1st Line TA Brigade
  42 RTR
  44 RTR
  48 RTR
  23 Army Tank
  BG  W.F. Murrogh
    Hqs: Liverpool [West Lancashire Area, Western Command]
    2nd Line TA Brigade
  40 RTR
  46 RTR
  50 RTR
  24 Army Tank
  BG  K.E.S. Steward
    Hqs: Leeds [East Lancashire Area, Western Command]
    2nd Line TA Brigade
  41 RTR
  45 RTR
  47 RTR
  25 Army Tank
  BG  T.D. Murray
    Hqs: Newcastle-on-Tyne [Northumbrian Area, Northern Command]
    2nd Line TA Brigade
  43 RTR
  49 RTR
  51 RTR
* Battalion-sized units.
[1] Acting commander
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