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British and Dominion Armed Forces
Pacific Theater
Royal Canadian Air Force
7 December 1941
Command Aircraft Location and Status Commander      
Air Force Headquarters   Ottawa, Ontario  
No 12 (Communications) Squadron various aircraft Rockcliffe, Ontario  
Eastern Air Command
Headquarters   Halifax, Nova Scotia  
RCAF No 1 Group   St John's, Newfoundland  
No 10 (Bomber Recon) Squadron Digby  Gander, Newfoundland  
No 5 (Bomber Recon) Squadron Canso A Dartmouth, Nova Scotia  
No 8 (Bomber Recon) Squadron Bolingbroke I & IV Sydney, Nova Scotia  
No 11 (Bomber Recon) Squadron Hudson I Dartmouth, Nova Scotia  
   Detatchment No 11 Squadronn Hudson I  Torbay, Newfoundland  
No 116 (Bomber Recon) Squadron Canso A & Catalina I & IB Dartmouth, Nova Scotia   
No 118 (Fighter) Squadron Goblin & Kittyhawk I Dartmouth, Nova Scotia  
No 119 (Bomber Recon) Squadron Bolingbroke IV Yarmouth, Nova Scotia  
Western Air Command
Headquarters   Victoria, British Columbia  
No 4 (Bomber Recon) Squadron Shark III & Stranraer Ucluelet, British Columbia  
No 6 (Bomber Recon) Squadron Shark II & III & Stranraer Alliford Bay, British Columbia  
No 13 (Training) Squadron Bolingbroke IV, Fairchild 71, Goose I, Hudson I, Lockheed 10B, Norseman IV & Stranraer Patricia Bay, British Columbia  
No 115 (Fighter) Squadron Bolingbroke I & IV Patricia Bay, British Columbia  
No 120 (Bomber Recon) Squadron Stranraer Patricia Bay, British Columbia  
British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
No 1 Training Command   Toronto, Ontario  
No 2 Training Command   Winnipeg, Manitoba  
No 3 Training Command   Montreal, Quebec  
   Conversion Training Squadron various training types Picton, Ontario  
   School of Army Cooperation Lysander II  Rockcliffe, Ontario  
No 111 (Fighter) Squadron Kittyhawk I Rockcliffe, Ontario  
No 4 Training Command   Calgary, Alberta  
RAF Army Cooperation Command
RAF No 35 (Army Cooperation) Wing    
No 400 Army Cooperation Squadron Tomahawk I, IIA & IIB Odiham, Hants  
No 414 Army Cooperation Squadron Lysander III & Tomahawk I & II Croydon, Surrey  
RAF Bomber Command
RAF No 4 Group      
No 405 (Bomber) Squadron Wellington II  Pocklington, Yorks  
RAF No 5 Group      
No 408 (Bomber) Squadron Hampden I Syerston, Notts  
RAF Coastal Command
RAF No 16 Group      
No 407 (Coastal Strike) Squadron Hudson III & V  North Coates, Lincs  
No 415 (Torpedo Bomber) Squadron Beaufort I Thorney Is, Hants  
RAF No 18 Group      
No 404 (Coastal Fighter) Squadron Blenheim IV Sumburgh, Shetland Is  
No 413 (General Recon) Squadron Catalina I, IB & IV Sullom Voe, Shetland Is  
RAF Fighter Command
RAF No 10 Group      
No 402 (Fighter) Squadron Hurricane IIB(B) Warmwell, Dorset  
No 417 (Fighter) Squadron Spitfire IIA & IIB Charmy Down, Som  
RAF No 11 Group      
No 401 (Fighter) Squadron Spitfire VB Biggin Hill, Kent  
No 403 (Fighter) Squadron Spitfire VB Martlesham Heath, Suffolk  
No 411 (Fighter) Squadron Spitfire VB Hornchurch, Essex  
No 418 (Intruder) Squadron Boston III Debden, Essex  
RAF No 12 Group      
Canadian Digby Wing   Digby, Lincs  
No 412 (Fighter) Squadron Spitfire VB Wellingore, Lincs  
No 409 (Night Fighter) Squadron Beaufighter IIF Coleby Grange, Lincs  
RAF No 13 Group      
No 406 (Night Fighter) Squadron Beaufighter IIF & VIF Acklington, Northumb  
No 410 (Night Fighter) Squadron Defiant IF Drem, E Loth, Scotland
"A" Flight at Acklington, Northumb
RAF No 14 Group      
No 416 (Fighter) Squadron Spitfire IIA & IIB Peterhead, Aber, Scotland  
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