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Royal Army
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Authorized Organization (tentative)
1941 Fast Division
5 April 1941
Divisione Celere
1941 Fast Divisions allotted to the April 1941 Balkan Campaign
Division Cavalry Regiments Bersaglieri Tank
1 Divisione Celere
Eugenio di Savoia
Gen. Cesare Lomaglio
  1 Nizza Cavalleria
12 Cavalleggeri di Saluzzo
14 Cavalleggeri di Alessandria
11 Regiment
- 15 Battalion
- 27 Battalion
- 28 Battalion
1 San Giusto
(carri L 33)
I/1 Celere
171 101 1 Celere
2 Divisione Celere
Emanuele Filiberto Testa di Ferro
Gen. Carlo Ceriana Manieri
  2 Piemonte Reale Cavalleria
  9 Lancieri di Firenze
10 Lancieri di Vittorio Emanuele
  6 Regiment
-   6 Battalion
- 13 Battalion
- 19 Battalion
2 San Marco
(carri L33)
II/2 Celere
172 102 2 Celere
3 Divisione Celere
Principe Amedeo Duca D'Aosta
Gen. Mario Marazzani
  3 Savoia Cavalleria
  4 Genova Cavalleria
  5 Lancieri di Novara
  3 Regiment
- 18 Battalion
- 20 Battalion
- 25 Battalion
3 San Giorgio
(carri L33)
III/3 Celere
173 103 3 Celere
The Fast Divisions of the Italian Army had been heavily raided to provide material for rebuilding the 10th Army after its destruction in North Africa. All three divisions had been relieved of all their motor vehicles as well as all their motor towed artillery to help rebuild the Italian North African Army.

For Esigenza E (as the Yugoslavian invasion was designated) the Fast Divisions received a new, revised organization. The most important changes were:
  – only one horse artillery battalion instead of a mixed artillery regiment;
  – a drastic reduction of services, most of which were now horse drawn;
  – a third regiment of horsed cavalry was allotted;
  – a third bicycle battalion was added to the Bersaglieri regiment (although this was dropped only four months later).

No further TOE's were ever issued by the Comando Supremo after these changes, and the three fast divisions fought the rest of the war with various 'ad hoc' establishments.

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