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Swiss Army, 1938 Mobilization Plan
In cooperation with Oswald Schwitter
1 July 1939
Formation Headquarters
  Headquarters, Army Corps
  Headquarters, Field and Mountain Division
  Headquarters, Mountain Brigade
  Headquarters, Border Brigade

  Infantry Regiment
     – Rifle Battalion
         • Rifle Company
         • Machine Gun Company
  Mountain Infantry Regiment
     – Mountain Rifle Battalion
         • Mountain Rifle Company
         • Mountain Machine Gun Company
  Territorial Infantry Regiment
     – Territorial Rifle Battalion
         • Territorial Rifle Company
         • Territorial Machine Gun Company
  Mountain Machine Gun Battalion
      • Mountain Machine Gun Company

Light Troops
  Light Regiment
         • Cavalry Company
     – Bicycle Battalion
         • Bicycle Company
         • Motorized Medium Machine Gun Company
  Reconnaissance Battalion
      • Bicycle Company
      • Cavalry Company
  Independent Bicycle Company
  Motorcycle Company
  Motorized Infantry Gun Company
  Motorized Heavy Machine Gun Company
  Division Communications Company
  Mountain Brigade Communications Company
  Traffic Control Company
  Field Artillery Regiment
         • Field Artillery Park Company
     – Field Artillery Battalion
         • Field Battery
         • Field Artillery Ammunition Column
  Field Howitzer Regiment
         • Field Howitzer Park Company
         • Motorized Ammunition Column (Type F)
     – Field Howitzer Battalion
         • Field Howitzer Battery
  Heavy Field Howitzer Regiment
         • Heavy Field Howitzer Park Company
         • Motorized Ammunition Column (Type F)
     – Heavy Field Howitzer Battalion
         • Heavy Field Howitzer Battery
  Mountain Artillery Battalion
      • Mountain Artillery Park Company
      • Artillery Pack Column
      • Mountain Battery (75mm)
  Motorized Gun Battalion
      • Motorized Gun Battery
  Motorized Howitzer Regiment
     – Motorized Howitzer Battalion
         • Motorized Howitzer Company
  Motorized Heavy Gun Regiment
         • Motorized Ammunition Column (Type F)
     – Motorized 105mm Heavy Gun Battalion
         • Motorized Heavy 105mm Gun Battery
     – Motorized 120mm Heavy Gun Battalion
         • Motorized 120mm Heavy Gun Battery
  Artillery Observation Company
  Mountain Artillery Observation Company
  Mountain Searchlight Company
  Engineer Battalion
      • Engineer Company
      • Motorized Engineer Company
  Mountain Engineer Battalion
      • Mountain Engineer Company
  Independent Mountain Engineer Company
  Motorized Light Engineer Company
  Mining Engineer Battalion
      • Mining Engineer Company
  Bridge Engineer Battalion
      • Bridge Engineer Company
      • Motorized Bridge Engineer Column
  Telephone Wire Construction Company
  Mountain Telephone Wire Construction Company
  Motorized Telephone Company
  Motorized Telephone Detachment
  Radio Battalion
      • Radio Company
      • Motorized Radio Company

Medical Troops
  Medical Battalion
      • Medical Company
      • Surgical Hospital
  Mountain Medical Battalion
      • Mountain Medical Company
      • Surgical Hospital
  Field Hospital
      • Surgical Hospital
      • Evacuation Hospital
 Motorized Casualty Evacuation Battalion
      • Motor Ambulance Column
Veterinary Troops
  Veterinary Evacuation Park

Commissary Troops
  Commissary Battalion
      • Commissary Company
      • Motorized Rations Column
  Bakery Company

Motor Transport Troops
  Motorized Ammunition Battalion
      • Motorized Ammunition Column (Type G)
      • Motorized Ammunition Column (Type H)
  Motorized Transport Battalion
      • Motorized Light Column
      • Motorized Heavy Column
      • Motorized Tractor Column
  Motorized Ammunition Column (Type A–H)
  Personnel Transport Column (P.T.T.)

Pack Transport Troops
  Mountain Pack Battalion (Type A)
      • Mountain Pack Column (Type A)
  Mountain Pack Battalion (Type B)
      • Mountain Pack Column (Type B)

Air Command Units
  Air Regiment
     – Air Battalion
         • Air Company
  Army Air Park
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