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United States Marine Corps
4th Marines, Fleet Marine Force
8 / 7 December 1941
4th Marines
When the 4th Marine Regiment arrived from China (just prior to the start of war), it had only Headquarters Company, Service Company, and two battalions, each with only two rifle companies (A, B and E, F Companies), each with only two rifle platoons. Strength on arrival in the Philippines was 44 Officers, 728 enlisted marines, and 32 Naval Corpsmen. It was understrength because for months Admiral Hart had held back all replacement personnel, ("had been permitted to dwindle by attrition" in China) for the regiment at Cavite, where they were used to form the 1st Separate Battalion.

To fill up the 4th Marines, the Regimental Band and Marine Guard Detachment at Olongapo Naval Station were disbanded, being used to form some of the missing platoons. Later, the Cavite Marine Barracks was also absorbed, and the 1st Separate Battalion was used to form a 3rd Battalion. A 4th Battalion was created using supernumerary Army Air Force and Naval personnel. Ultimately the 4th Marines contained:
1st Battalion
A Company
B Company
D Company
Reserve Company
2nd Battalion
E Company
F Company
H Company
Reserve Company
3rd Battalion
I Company
J Company
K Company
M Company
Reserve Company
Regimental Reserve
O Company
P Company
4th Battalion
Q Company (Army Air Force)
R Company (Army Air Force)
S Company (Naval)
T Company (Naval)
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