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The Royal Hungarian Army
1920 - 1945

by Leo W.G. Niehorster

Hungarian Military Organizational Symbols
A Short Review of Hungarian History up to 1920
Part I The Royal Hungarian Army 1920 1941
  Chapter 1 Hungary Between the Wars
  Chapter 2 Military Organization and the Armed Forces
  Chapter 3 The Ground Forces to March 1941
  Chapter 4 The Air Force to March 1941
  Chapter 5 The River Forces to March 1941
Part II The Royal Hungarian Army 1941 1945
  Chapter 6 The 1941 Yugoslavian Campaign
  Chapter 7 The 1941 Soviet Campaign
  Chapter 8 The 1942/43 Soviet Campaign
  Chapter 9 Reconstruction and Reorganization
  Chapter 10 The 1944 Soviet Campaign
  Chapter 11 The Soviet Invasion
  Chapter 12 The Final Days of the Royal Hungarian Army
  Chapter 13 The Hungarian Occupation Forces
  Chapter 14 The Air Force from 1941
  Chapter 15 The River Forces from 1941
  Chapter 16 The Royal Hungarian Army and the Waffen-SS
Part III The Royal Hungarian Army Order of Battle
  Chapter 17 Army High Commands
  Chapter 18 Army Commands, Formations, and Units
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