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Royal Hungarian Honvéd
Third Army
   Headquarters: Pécs
   as of 07.1942: Budapest
   Constituted:    01.03.1940    as the Third Army
   Mobilized: 06.04.1941     
   Demobilized: 17.04.1941     
   Inactivated: 12.06.1943     
   Activated: 10.08.1943     
   Disbanded: 00.05.1944     
   Reconstituted:   10.09.1944    from IV Corps Staff
   Fate: 08.05.1945    Surrenders in Styria, Austria
Commanding Officers:
   01.03.194001.11.1941    LTG Elemér Gorondy-Novák
   01.11.194101.12.1942    LTG Zoltán Decleva
   01.12.194212.06.1943    LTG Lajos Csatay
   [12.06.194310.08.1943]    inactive; position not filled
   10.08.194300.05.1944    LTG Károly Beregfy
   [00.05.194410.09.1944]    inactive; position not filled
   10.09.194408.05.1945    LTG József Heszlényi
   01.03.194006.04.1941    VKF (Inactive, Peace Time Garrisons)
   06.04.194117.04.1941    VKF
   17.04.194102.01.1944    VKF (Inactive, Peace Time Garrisons)
   02.01.194405.06.1944    VKF
   05.06.194419.09.1944    VKF (Inactive, Peace Time Garrisons)
   10.09.194421.09.1944    VKF
   21.09.194423.09.1944    Heeresgruppe Südukraine
   23.09.194428.10.1944    Heeresgruppe Süd
   28.10.194412.11.1944    Armeegruppe Fretter-Pico (= 6. Armee + Third Army), Heeresgruppe Süd
   12.11.194427.11.1944    Heeresgruppe Süd
   27.11.194423.12.1944    Armeegruppe Fretter-Pico (= 6. Armee + Third Army), Heeresgruppe Süd
   23.12.194419.03.1945    Armeegruppe Balck(= 6. Armee + Third Army), Heeresgruppe Süd
   19.03.194525.04.1945    6. SS-Panzerarmee, Heeresgruppe Süd
   25.04.194500.05.1945    Heeresgruppe Süd
   09.04.1941 Mobile Corps: 1st Mot. Brig., 2nd Mot. Brig., 2nd Cav. Brig.
I Corps: 1st Inf. Brig., 2nd Inf. Brig., 3rd Inf. Brig.
IV Corps: 10th Inf. Brig., 11th Inf. Brig., 12th Inf. Brig.
V Corps: 13th Inf. Brig., 14th Inf. Brig., 15th Inf. Brig.
VII Corps: 19th Inf. Brig., 20th Inf. Brig., 21st Inf. Brig.
Reserve: 1st Parachute Battalion, 1st River Brig.
   16.09.1944 IV Corps: 20th Inf. Div., 1st Armd. Div.
VII Corps: 12th Res. Div., Lakatos Brig.
VIII Corps: 5th Fld. Repl. Div., 8th Fld. Repl. Div.
Reserve: 4th Fld. Repl. Div., 6th Fld. Repl. Div.
   13.10.1944 VIII Corps: 23rd Res. Div., 5th Fld. Repl. Div., 8th Fld. Repl. Div., 1st Armd. Div.
LVII. Panzerkorps: 20th Inf. Div., 1st Cav. Div., 4. SS-PzG-Div.
Reserve: Szt. László Div.
   05.11.1944 VIII Corps: 20th Inf. Div., 5th Fld. Repl. Div., 8th Fld. Repl. Div.
LXXII. Armeekorps: 25th Inf. Div., 76. Inf. Div.
Reserve: Szt. László Div.
   26.11.1944 II Corps: 23rd Res. Div., 1st River Brig.
LXXII. Armeekorps: 1st Cav. Div., 271. VG Div.
Reserve: 25th Inf. Div., VII Corps, VIII Corps
   31.12.1944 II Corps: 25th Inf. Div., 8th Fld. Repl. Div.
   07.01.1945 II Corps: 9th Fld. Repl. Div., 25th Inf. Div.
VIII Corps: 23rd Res. Div.
   19.02.1945 II Corps: 20th Inf. Div., 8th Fld. Repl. Div.
Reserve: VIII Corps, 1st Cav. Div.
   01.03.1945 II Corps: 20th Inf. Div
III. Panzerkorps: 25th Inf. Div., 1. Pz. Div., 3. Pz. Div., 23. Pz. Div.
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