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Royal Hungarian Honvéd
2nd Cavalry Brigade (ii)
   Budapest (Mobile Corps)
   Redesignated:       01.10.1937    from 2nd Cavalry Brigade (i)
   Activated:    05.04.1941     
   Inactivated:    20.04.1941    Demobilized [1]
   Discontinued:    30.09.1942    Dissolved [2]
Commanding Officers:
     .1932–         .1935    BG Aladár Erreth
     .1935–01.05.1937    BG Olivér Perczel
   01.05.1937–24.12.1940    BG Alajos Béldy
   23.12.1940–30.09.1942    BG Antal Vattay
Administrative Subordination:
   16.06.1928–05.04.1941    VKF (peace time garrisons)
   05.04.1941–20.04.1941    V Corps, Third Army
   20.04.1941–30.09.1942    VKF (peace time garrisons)
   20.04.1941–01.01.1942    (Elements) V Corps [1]
Peace Time Organization until 1941:
   2nd Cavalry Brigade Headquarters
   Artillery Commander
   1st Hussar Regiment Headquarters
     • I./1st Hussar Regiment
     • II./1st Hussar Regiment
   2nd Hussar Regiment Headquarters
     • I./2nd Hussar Regiment
     • II./2nd Hussar Regiment
   15th Bicycle Battalion
   16th Bicycle Battalion
   4th Armored Reconnaissance Battalion
   4th Artillery Battalion (mot)
   2nd Horse Artillery Battalion
   2nd Cavalry Anti-Aircraft Company (mot)
   2nd Cavalry Combat Engineer Company (mot)
   2nd Cavalry Bridge Column (mot)
   2nd Cavalry Signal Company (mot)
   2nd Cavalry Brigade Service Headquarters (mot)
   (Kiskunhalas )
[1] Although the majority of the units were demobilized after the 1940 Yugoslavia Campaign, the Brigade Headquarters and 1st Hussar Regiment remained in the Bแcska (still with V Corps) until 01.01.1942.
[2] The I./1st Hussar Regiment was used to form the independent IXth Cavalry and the 2nd Sz้kel Cavalry Companies.
The II./1st Hussar Regiment was used to form the independent Ist Cavalry Battalion in Budapest
The remaining combat and the service units used to form the 1st Cavalry Division.
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