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Royal Hungarian Honvéd
VI Corps
6th Military District
   Deputy Corps Commander
     00.08.194000.12.1940    BG Lóránd Kiskéry
     01.06.194304.03.1945    BG Béla Tanitó
   Constituted:       30.09.1928    as 6th Military District
   Redesignated:    01.10.1938    as VI Corps, by amalgamating the 6th Mixed Brigade and 6th Military District
   Activated:    06.01.1944     
   Discontinued:    15.11.1944    (Corps Headquarters only)
   Discontinued:    04.03.1945    Military District dissolved
Commanding Officers:
   30.09.2801.10.32    MG Árpád Sipos
   01.10.3201.05.36    MG Géza Demény
   01.05.3918.06.39    MG Géza Siegler
   [18.06.3901.08.39]    position not filled
   01.08.3901.11.41    MG József Bajnóczy
   01.11.4101.08.43    MG Károly Beregfy
   [01.08.4321.08.43]    position not filled
   21.08.4316.10.44    MG Ferenc Farkas
   16.10.4415.11.44    BG Miklós Nagyöszy
   01.10.192801.03.1940    HM (peace time garrison)
   01.03.194006.01.1944    VKF (peace time garrison)
   06.01.194421.07.1944    First Army, Heeresgruppe Nordukraine
   21.07.194415.08.1944    First Army, Armeegruppe Raus
   15.08. 194413.10.1944    First Army, Armeegruppe Heinrici
   13.10. 194428.10.1944    Third Army, VKF
   28.10. 194412.11.1944    Third Army, Armeegruppe Fretter-Pico
Peace Time Organization to 1943:
   Corps Headquarters
   Corps Troops:

   VI Corps Artillery Command
   VI Bicycle Battalion
   VI Heavy Artillery Battalion (mot)
   VI Artillery Observation Battery
   VI Anti-Aircraft Battalion (mot)
   VI Signal Battalion
   VI Combat Engineer Battalion
   VI Corps Supply Services
   (Szolnok & Debrecen)
Peace Time Organization from 1943:
   Corps Headquarters
   Attached units:

   VI Corps Supply Services Headquarters
   VI Corps Motorized Supply Services Headquarters
   VI Artillery Command
   VI Engineer Command
   VI Labor Services Command
   VI independent Anti-Aircraft Company (mot)
   VI independent Heavy Artillery Battery (mot)
   56th independent Combat Engineer Battalion
Border Defense Units:
66th Border Guard Group
   66th Border Guard Artillery Command
   20th Border Guard Battalion
     1/20 Border Guard Company
     2/20 Border Guard Company
     3/20 Border Guard Company
     4/20 Border Guard Company
     20 Artillery Battery
     1/20 Border Police Company (5 Patrols)
     1/20 Border Police Company (7 Patrols)
   31st Border Guard Battalion
     1/31 Border Guard Company
     2/31 Border Guard Company
     3/31 Border Guard Company
     4/31 Border Guard Company
     31 Artillery Battery
     31 Bicycle Platoon
     1/31 Border Police Company (6 Patrols)
     1/31 Border Police Company (4 Patrols)
The VI Corps Headquarters was withdrawn from the front on 12.11.44 and discontinued on 15.11.44.
The staff of the headquarters was used for other purposes.
The 6th Military District continued to exist and also commanded combat units until March 1945.
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