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Royal Hungarian Honvéd
1st Armored Division
   Budapest (Mobile Corps, later I Armored Corps)
   Constituted:       01.10.1942    as 1st Armored Division [1]
   Activated:    00.09.1944     
   Discontinued:    12.02.1945    Destroyed when Budapest fell
Commanding Officers:
   01.10.1942–15.11.1942    MG Jenö Major
   [15.11.1942–01.04.1943]    – position not filled –
   01.04.1943–00.03.1944    BG Ferenc Horváth
   00.03.1944–23.09.1944    COL Ferenc Koszorus
   23.09.1944–10.10.1944    COL Ferenc Deák
   10.10.1944–21.10.1944    COL Béla Tiszay
   21.10.1944–12.11.1944    COL Zoltán Schell
   13.11.1944–00.12.1944    COL Ernö Mike
   00.12.1944–12.02.1945    COL Vértessy
Administrative Subordination:
   01.10.1942–01.08.1944    VKF (peace time garrisons)
   01.08.1944–01.09.1944    4th Military District
   01.09.1944–23.09.1944    IV Corps, Third Army
   23.09.1944–05.10.1944    Reserves, Third Army
   05.10.1944–23.10.1944    VIII Corps, Third Army
   23.10.1944–12.11.1944    VI Corps, Third Army
   12.11.1944–13.02.1945    I Corps, Third Army
Tactical Subordination:
   23.09.1944–05.10.1944    LVII. Panzerkorps, Heeresgruppe Süd
   23.10.1944–28.10.1944    LVII. Panzerkorps, 6. Armee, Heeresgruppe Süd
   28.10.1944–05.11.1944    LVII. Panzerkorps, Armeegruppe Fretter-Pico, Heeresgruppe Süd
   05.11.1944–12.12.1944    III. Panzerkorps, Armeegruppe Fretter-Pico, Heeresgruppe Süd
   12.12.1944–13.02.1945    IX. SS-Gebirgskorps, Armeegruppe Balck, Heeresgruppe Süd
Peace Time Organization from 1943:
   1st Armored Division Headquarters
   Artillery Commander
   1st Tank Regiment Headquarters
     • I./1st Tank Regiment
     • II./1st Tank Regiment
     • III./1st Tank Regiment
   1st Motorized Regiment Headquarters
     • 1st Motorized Battalion
     • 2nd Motorized Battalion
     • 3rd Motorized Battalion
   1st Armored Reconnaissance Battalion
   1st Artillery Battalion (mot)
   5th Artillery Battalion (mot)
   51st Anti-Aircraft-Battalion (mot)
   51st Anti-Aircraft-Battalion (self-propelled)
   1st Combat Engineer Battalion (mot)
   1st Armored Division Service Headquarters (mot)
[1] The 1st Armored Division did not really come into existence until April 1943. All components had been sent to the East Front with the 1st Armored Field Division, or were used to fill up the 2nd Armored Division, which had priority in being allocated equipment.
After the destruction of the 1st Armored Field Division on the East Front, the 1st Armored Division — still having no equipment — was used as the personnel training and replacement unit for the 2nd Armored Division, and not carried in the Szabolcs I Plan order of battle of 10.08.1943 as a combat unit. It only slowly received equipment, and was not combat-ready until mid-1944.
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