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British, Colonial, and Dominion Armies
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Headquarters, Southern Area, Southern Command
3 September 1939
Southern Area
Headquarters: Salisbury (?)
Comprising the Countries of Dorset, Wiltshire (except that portion of the Country included in the Salisbury Plain Area), and Hamspire (except those portions of the country included in the Aldershot Command, the Salisbury Plain Area and the Portsmouth Area).
    General Staff Officer, 2nd grade LTC  G.S. Oxley
    General Staff Officer, 3rd grade 1LT  F.L. Schwind
    Dep. Asst. Adjt. & Qr.-Mr.-Gen. LTC  J.E.E. Packard
    Staff Captains MAJ  J.A.R. Colam (at Portsmouth)
CPT  A.R. Moore
    Asst. Dir. of Medical Services COL   C.M. Finny (also of  South Midland Area)
    Dep. Asst. Dir. of Hygiene MAJ  L.R.H. Keatinge (also of  South Midland Area)
    Passive Air Defence Officer LTC  L.C.B. Deed
At Outstations:
        Garrison Adjutant MAJ  S.B. Coates
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