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Happy New Year
24.12.2016 Interactive diagrams for the late 1941 through mid-1942 Infantry Division (motorized) and Panzer Division have been uploaded.
26.10.2016 The complete Finnish Order of Battle for 30 November 1939 — start of the Winter War — has been extensively revised and uploaded.
Thanks to the fine efforts of Janne Kemppi.
28.04.2016 Uploaded a large batch of British, Colonial, and Dominion Armed Forces data for 03.09.1939, including the composition of many headquarters, as well as some additonal air force, navy, and army unit material. As usual, please check the date at the top of the page for status of the information content.
With thanks to Robert Michel.
11.04.2016 The independent Pina River Flotilla, Caspian Sea Flotilla, and Amur River Flotilla have been added to the Soviet Fleet for 22 June 1941.
Thanks to Marek Suplat.
01.04.2016 Uploaded the Location of Hungarian Units on 25.03.1945.
Various Hungarian orders of battle have been cleaned up.
Happy New Year
20.12.2015 The Soviet Baltic Fleet for 22 June 1941 has been extensively revised and uploaded.
Thanks to Marek Suplat.
19.11.2015 Still in the Soviet mode:
    The Soviet Rifle Division (Shtat 04/550) organization of 22.12.1942 has been added.
    The Soviet Tank Brigade (Shtat 010/500) organization of 01.08.1944 has been added.
    With help from Artyom Astafiev.
    Added some data tables to Soviet Military Districts and Fronts of 22.06.1941.
    Please note that these data tables are for 01.06.1941, whereas the diagrams are for 22.06.41.
    Many thanks to Marek Suplat.
31.10.2015 The Rumanian Army Group Antonescu for 22 June 1941 has been updated and augmented.
The Rumanian Royal Navy for 22 June 1941 has been added.
12.10.2015 Continuing in the Soviet mode, the NKVD for 22 June 1941 has been added.
Thanks to Marek Suplat.
13.09.2015 The Soviet Navy's Pacific Fleet for 9 August 1945 has been thoroughly updated and amended.
Thanks to continuing research by Marek Suplat.
24.08.2015 The beginnings of the Allied order of battle for Operation Husky in July 1943 has been uploaded.
Ongoing project.
19.08.2015 The Soviet Navy's Amur Flotilla for 9 August 1945 has been updated.
Thanks to new data provided by Marek Suplat.
Ongoing Soviet Pacific Fleet project.
17.08.2015 More British Authorized Organizations for 1944 uploaded.
With thanks to Gary Kennedy and Mike Simpson.
Ongoing project.
02.06.2015 Have uploaded the updated German Army Kriegsstärkenachweisung (KStN) list.
KStN not in Tessin's list or amended are shown in red.
Thanks are due to Piet Duits, Bill Russ, and Ralf Schneider for providing assistance.
05.04.2015 Have uploaded the Soviet order of battle for July 1943 Battle for Kursk / Operation Zidadelle.
28.02.2015 Have uploaded the German order of battle for July 1943 Battle for Kursk / Operation Zidadelle.
This is the beginning of a major project, and will include the Soviet forces, as well as a plethora of other data, mainly to be provided by Alan Wilson.
27.02.2015 After the second long downtime, was forced to change providers. The new website URL is hosted by ibiblio.
For information about this host, click the logo on the index page.
09.01.2015 Well, we're back up and running after a slight hickup. Sorry for the downtime.
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