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United States Army
Authorized Organizations
Valid on 8 / 7 December 1941
     Infantry Division (triangular)
     Infantry Division (square)
     Motorized Division
     Cavalry Division
     Armored Division
     Reserve Infantry Division, Philippine Army
Coast Artillery Corps
     Coast Artillery District / Command
     Coast Artillery Harbor Defense
     Coast Artillery Brigade (Antiaircraft)(Mobile)
     Coast Artillery Regiment (Antiaircraft)(Mobile)
     Coast Artillery Regiment (Antiaircraft)(Semimobile)
     Coast Artillery Regiment (155-mm Gun)(Tractor-Drawn)
     Coast Artillery Regiment (Railway Artillery)
     Coast Artillery Regiment (Harbor Defense)(Type A)
     Coast Artillery Regiment (Harbor Defense)(Type B)
     Coast Artillery Regiment (Harbor Defense)(Type C)
     Coast Artillery Battalion (Harbor Defense)(Type D)
Non-Divisional Chemical Warfare Service Units
     Chemical Regiment (Motorized)
     Chemical Battalion (Motorized)(Separate)
     Chemical Company (Motorized)(Separate)
     Chemical Impregnating Company
     Chemical Decontamination Company
     Chemical Maintenance Company
     Chemical Depot Company
     Chemical Laboratory Company
     Chemical Service Company (Aviation)
Non-Divisional Infantry Units
     Infantry Air-Borne Battalion
     Infantry Parachute Battalion
Non-Divisional Cavalry Units
     Cavalry Regiment (Horse)
     Cavalry Regiment (Horse and Mechanized)

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