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Soviet Armed Forces
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Arkhangelskii Military District, Red Army
22 June 1941
Arkhangelskii Military District
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Arkhangelskii Military District
Data for 01.06.1941
   District Commander
     LTG V. Ya. Kachalov
   Deputy District Commander
     Kombrig D. Ya. Grigorev
   Chief of Staff
     MG P. G. Yegorov
   Member of the Council of War
     Brigade Commissar D. E. Kolesnikov  
   Commander of Aviation
     MG B. A. Pogrebov
   Commander of Motor & Armored vehicles
   Chief of Artillery
     MG S. A. Moshenin
   Army Chief of Communications
     Col. E. M. Korol
   Chief of Military Engineering
   Chief of Operations Department
     Col. Gorodetskiy
   Chief of Artillery Supplies
   Chief of the Department of Preparation of Combat
   Deputy Chief of Staff for the Rear
     MG D. A. Fomenko
Total Personnel Strength 35,515  
Small Arms
   rifles & carbines 75,820  
   sub-machine guns 515  
   light & heavy machine guns ?  
   antiaircraft machine guns (12.7mm) 4  
   motor vehicles ?  
     (thereof trucks) (?)  
   tractors ?  
   horses ?  
  Guns  647
   45mm antitank gun M-1932 (19-K) & M-1937 (53-K) 469  
   76mm regimental gun M-1927 44  
   76mm divisional gun M-1902/30 [L/30 & L/40] 41  
   76mm divisional gun M-1936 (F-22) 52  
   122mm gun M-1931 (A-19) 24  
   152mm gun M-1910/30 13  
   152mm gun M-1935 (BR-2) 4  
  Howitzers   123
   122mm howitzer M-1910/30 68  
   122mm howitzer M-1909/37 8  
   152mm howitzer M-1909/30 21  
   152mm gun-howitzer M-1937 (ML-20) 26  
  Mortars   567
   50mm mortar M-1938 & M-1940 383  
   82mm mortar M-1937 157  
   107mm mortar M-1938 6  
   120mm mortar M-1938 21  
  Antiaircraft guns  20
   37(40)mm automatic antiaircraft gun M-1939 (61-K) 4  
   76mm antiaircraft gun M-1931 & M-1938 16  
Armored Vehicles
  Light tanks  26
   T-37 16  
   T-37 radio 9  
   T-38 1  
     Tankettes  16
   T-27 16  
     Armored Cars  1
   FAI 1  
Aircraft (total on hand / therof not ready)  
  Bombers  46/1
   DB-3f 12/1  
   SB 34/0  
  Fighters  65/10
   I-153 46/1  
   I-15 19/9  
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