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Soviet Armed Forces
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Siberia Military District, Red Army
22 June 1941
Siberia Military District
Ranks Army Symbols Airforce Symbols Aircraft
Siberia Military District
Data for 01.06.1941
   District Commander
       LTG S.A. Kalinin
   Deputy District Commander
       LTG N.V. Medvedev
   Chief of Staff
       MG P.E. Glinskiy
   Member of the Council of War
       Division Commissar N. I. Ivanov
   Commander of Aviation
       MG P.S. Shelukhin or MG V.A. Pogrebov
   Commander of Motor & Armored Vehicles
   Chief of Artillery
       MG S.A. Moshenin
   Army Chief of Communications
       Col. N.D. Savinov
   Chief of Military Engineering
   Chief of Operations Department
   Chief of Artillery Supplies
   Chief of the Department of Preparation of Combat
   Deputy Chief of Staff for the Rear
Total Personnel Strength118,711  
    (therof STAVKA strategic reserves)(86,433)  
Small Arms
   rifles & carbines160,995  
   sub-machine guns246  
   light & heavy machine guns?  
   antiaircraft machine guns (12.7mm)10  
Armored Vehicles
   motor vehicles?  
   (thereof trucks)(?)  
Armored Vehicles
  Guns  1 211
   45mm antitank gun M-1932 (19-K) & M-1937 (53-K)589  
   76mm regimental gun M-1927185  
   76mm divisional gun M-1902/30 [ L/30 & L/40]245  
   76mm divisional gun M-1936 (F-22)20  
   76mm divisional gun M-1939 (F-22 USW)124  
   122mm gun M-1931 (A-19)48  
  Howitzers  478
   122mm howitzer M-1910/30221  
   122mm howitzer M-1909/3737  
   122mm howitzer M-1938 (M-30)4  
   152mm howitzer M-1909/3042  
   152mm howitzer M-1938 (M-10)16  
   152mm gun-howitzer M-1937 (ML-20)106  
   203mm howitzer M-1931 (B-4)52  
  Mortars  1 627
   50mm mortar M-1938 & M-19401 014  
   82mm mortar M-1937385  
   107mm mortar M-193848  
   120mm mortar M-1938180  
  Antiaircraft Guns  73
   37(40)mm automatic antiaircraft gun M-1939 (61-K)4  
   76mm antiaircraft gun M-1931 & M-193869  
Armored Vehicles
  Heavy Tanks  0
  Medium Tanks  0
  Light Tanks  206
   T-37 radio10  
   T-38 radio5  
   T-26 two turret12  
   T-26 radio7  
  Chemical (Flamethrower) Tanks  10
   T-26 13010  
  Special Vehicles  2
   T-26 tractor2  
  Tankettes  98
  Armored Cars  22
   BA-6 radio3  
Aircraft (total on hand /thereof not ready)
  Bombers  74/8
  Fighters  3/1
  Recon  24/0
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