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German Armed Forces
Orders of Battle
1 September 1939
      The Army and Waffen-SS
      The Navy
      The Air Force [1]
22 June 1941
     The Army and Waffen-SS
     The Air Force
28 June 1942
     The Army and Waffen-SS
     The Air Force
[1] Link to external site:
   "The Luftwaffe, 1933-45"
   by Michael Holm.
Orders of Battle
European Theater of Operations
Invasion of Austria, 11 March 1938
     Sonderfall Otto
Scandinavian Campaign, April 1940
French Campaign, May 1940
     Fall Gelb
Planned Invasion of Britain, Sept. 1940
      Unternehmen Seelöwe
Balkan Campaign, April 1941
     Unternehmen Marita
Southeastern Europe, 2 January 1942
     12. Armee
Southeastern Europe, 1 January 1943
     Heeresgruppe E
Southeastern Europe, 10 November 1943
     Luftwaffenkommando Südost
Southeastern Europe, 26 December 1943
     Military and Civilian Administration
     Heeresgruppe F
Southeastern Europe, 16 September 1944
     Heeresgruppe F
Northwest Europe, 6 June 1944
     Neptune (Operation Overlord)
Mediterranean Theater of Operations
Battle for Crete, 20 May 1941
     Unternehmen Merkur
North Africa, 23 October 1942
     Battle of El Alamein
North Africa, 11 November 1942
East Front
     Operation Zitadelle
1 September 1939
      The German Army
10 May 1940
      The German Army and Waffen-SS
22 June 1941
      The German Army
      The Waffen-SS
      The German Army
23 October 1942
      Panzer-Division (Afrika)
      Leichte Afrika Division (mot)
      The German Army
19 May 1943
      Sturmdivision Rhodos
1 November 1943
      German Army and Waffen-SS
      The German Army
1 June 1944
      Luftwaffe Fallschirmkorps
19 September 1944
      Sturmdivision Rhodos
1 January 1945
      Panzerkorps (neuer Art)
      Panzerkorps Herman Göring
Fact Files
German Organizational Symbols:
      1939–1940 Army
      1941–1942 Army
      1941–1942 Luftwaffe
      1943–1945 Army
      1943–1945 Luftwaffe
German Individual Symbols:
      Figure Symbols
      Animal and Vehicle Symbols
Military Personnel:
      Army and Waffen-SS Ranks
      Luftwaffe Ranks
      Navy Ranks
      Army Billets, Functions, and Ranks
      Army Job Descriptions
      Army Promotions
Tank Strengths:
      AFV Deliveries to North Africa [1]
      German Aircraft
      Sources and References
Errata to Georg Tessin's
Now downloadable:
German World War II Organizational Series
[1] Link to external site:
   "The Crusader Project"
   by Andreas Biermann (aka Urmel).
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