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Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Orders of Battle
  22 June 1941
      Red Army
      Soviet Navy
Orders of Battle
  30 November 1939
     Soviet Army in the Winter War
     Soviet Navy in the Winter War
  4 July 1943
    Battle for Kursk
  3 April 1945
     Battle of Berlin
  9 August 1945
     Manchurian Offensive [1]
[1] "Operation August Storm", as used in Western literature, was not a designation applied by the Soviet Union. This name was suggested much later after the war by David Glantz's daughter for a presentation at the US Army Staff College. He was looking for a name to call the lecture, and she simply made the observation that it was conducted in August, and begun during a torrential storm. The name found in Soviet literature is the Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation, referring to the place of origin, as Outer Manchuria located in Soviet territory was the staging for the strategic forces. With thanks to Greg Chalik.
  30 November 1939 Winter War
     Tank Brigade
     Rifle Division
     Authorized Organizations
     Authorized Organizations
     Authorized Organizations
     Authorized Organizations
     Authorized Organizations

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