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United States Navy
14TH NAVAL DISTRICT [Pacific Fleet Operational Control]
[Territory of Hawaii]
8 / 7 December 1941
14th Naval District
14th Naval District
R.Adm. Claude C. Bloch

As commandant, Fourtheenth Naval District, Bloch was directly under the Navy Department. He was also commander, Hawaiian Naval Coastal Sea Frontier; commandant, Pearl Harbor Navy Yard, as well as an officer of the Fleet under the CinCPAC as commander, Naval Base Defense Forces, and commander, Task Force Four.

As commander, Naval Base Defense Forces, Bloch had administrative control over:
         R.Adm. P.N.L. Bellinger
Bellinger, in turn, held down five positions:

  1. Commander, Patrol Wing One
  2. Commander, Patrol Wing Two
  3. Commander, Task Force Nine (PATWING 1 and PATWING 2 with attending surface craft)
  4. Liaison to Commandant, Fourtheenth Naval District
  5. Commander, Naval Base Defense Air Force
He was responsible theoretically to the following superiors:
  1. Commander, Aircraft Scouting Force (type command for patrol wings), based at San Diego, CA
  2. Commander, Scouting Force, of which PATWING 1 and PATWING 2 were a part
  3. CinCPAC when commanding Task Force Nine
  4. Commanders of Task Forces One, Two, and Three for patrol planes assigned those forces
  5. Commandant, Fourteenth Naval District in Bloch's capacity as commander, Naval Base Defense Forces, when Bellinger was performing duties as Commander, Naval Base Defense Air Force
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