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French Armed Forces
Orders of Battle
3 September 1939
    French Navy
May 1940
    France [1]
[1] Linked to external site
     "France 1940" by Nowfel Leulliot
15 April 1941
    Vichy Army in Metropolitan France
    Vichy Air Force in Metropolitan France
    Vichy French Navy
8 November 1942
    Vichy French Army
    Vichy French Air Force
    Vichy French Navy
Free French Forces
  Government and High Command
  Air Forces
  Naval Forces
Orders of Battle
European Theater of Operations
Norway — April — June 1940
France, May 1940
    Battle for France
Pacific Theater of Operations
French Indochina — 8 December 1941
    Army of Indochina
Mediterranean Theater of Operations
Middle East
    Vichy France [2]
North Africa — 8 November 1942
[2] Linked to external site
      "France 194... something"
     by Nowfel Leulliot
May 1940
  Mobilized Organizations
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